Who are we?

We are a group of passionate and experienced Salesforce professionals, with a combined knowledge and experience of 20 years in Salesforce implementation led by a core team with over 10 years of architecting Salesforce solutions across enterprises in telecommunication, financial services, retail, and professional services industries.

Our team came together inspired by the need to create sustainable solutions to address the needs of the post-pandemic world.

“We are a registered Salesforce ISV Partner”

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Our Journey

Cloud Sloka began with a vision to build innovative customer-centric applications that make life easier for the end users.

While our team of technical and business architects discussed current business problems and brainstormed innumerable ideas; it was the Covid-19 pandemic that inspired us to look at its impacts on businesses globally and build solutions that solved their immediate as well as future needs.

We knew our solution had to address emerging trends around remote working and dispersed teams, specifically focusing on empowering remote service teams to provide the best customer experience within an optimized service delivery framework.

We knew what we had to do and get businesses ready for the future! Streamlining resource management and optimizing efficiencies in a remote workplace, through a simple user interface and mobile first strategy gave birth to our flagship product Resource OptimizerTM.

Our journey from Idea to App was not an easy one. Along the way, we identified the business need for a Mobile Calendar within the Salesforce mobile app. We decided to develop the calendar as a free app for the community as our contribution, and thus was born MoCa!

What differentiates us

As a start-up of Salesforce experts, we have had lot of learnings on our journey. If there’s one we could choose, it would be the importance of improving and growing with continuous feedback.

With our strong architectural foundations, innovative spirit and commitment towards our customer’s success, we started our journey and are ready to make a difference.

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Join Us ?

If you resonate with our thoughts and have a passion to work in start-up environment, drop your resume and quick description on what interests you at careers@cloudsloka.com.au

Office Locations : Sydney | Hyderabad