Cloud Sloka’s products & solutions come with implementation guides, necessary resources, and a standard support plan included in the package. The documents are easy to follow for your Salesforce team to implement and customize the solution.

If you need Salesforce resource augmentation to implement the solution or you need to customize the solution for your specific business scenarios, our professional services team can help you in your journey to successful implementation. Contact Us for a quote.

Salesforce Workforce Management Integration | Cloud Sloka
Salesforce Workforce Management Implementation | Cloud Solka


Our products & solutions are native to the Salesforce platform. Any integrations built as part of our solutions are thoroughly documented. If your business use case requires the solution to integrate with third-party platforms/products, you can leverage standard Salesforce integration patterns and Cloud Sloka integration APIs
(if provided).

We appreciate that integrations can be tricky, and we provide support as required through joint workshops with your Salesforce team, Consulting partners, and our Salesforce partners based on a mutual agreement to help your journey to successful integration.

Send us a contact request and we will ensure the right person will reach out to listen to your needs.


All our products & solutions come with thorough documentation that includes implementation guides, demo videos, user manuals, and a standard support plan. The support team can be contacted for any clarifications.

We also provide virtual training on a need-basis for our customers and partners. Please Contact Us for your training requirements and we will get back to you.

If you are an individual/developer eager to learn about Cloud Sloka’s products, please install the Free Trial version and follow the training videos on our Youtube channel.

We are currently working on getting our content onto more public platforms and connect with the larger Salesforce Ohana.

Salesforce Workforce Management Training | Cloud Solka